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About Role – The Tucson Weekly is the Tucson data offer that issues. Politics, culture, arts, music, meals and the entire lot else that makes our city gigantic in print and on-line. Frequency 14 posts / day

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About Role – Tucson Sentinel is an impartial nonpartisan data group, dedicated to the foundation that a smarter Tucson is a greater Tucson. We act as an splendid dealer of data, filling the necessity for a digital roundtable where the community can discuss the problems of the day. Frequency 8 posts / day

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About Role – The Arizona Jewish Put up, an award-winning community newspaper, has been serving the Jewish community of Southern Arizona since 1946. Frequency 16 posts / week

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About Role – The SaddleBrooke Growth on-line is the counterpart to the newspaper printed for residents of the SaddleBrooke community. Situated lovely north of Tucson, SaddleBrooke offers the most curious in active grownup residing. Frequency 14 posts / month